A complete Data Management Solution for the modern FinTech world.

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Code Willing is a Financial Data Management Service.

We provide full end-to-end solutions for managing your financial data so you can focus on developing strategies and trading.
It's time to start thinking differently about data management. Welcome to the fintech revolution.

A common problem in the FinTech industry.

Why have the brightest minds in your organization do the tedious work of managing your data? It is a job that is only getting bigger and requiring more and more time. Those assets should be using their expertise to find Alpha and make money.

We Do Data Right.

Code Willing has decades of experience cleaning, organizing and cross-referencing financial data sets from many vendors. We have a full staff of Data Scientists, Data Experts and DevOps engineers utilizing our proprietary software that allows our clients to trade billions daily.

Our Goal

Our goal is to save you money and make sure your data is ready, so your staff can get back to analyzing and trading. Our product solves the laborious, complex and frequent problems that commonly occur among quantitative funds in the financial sector.

No Client is Too Large or Too Small.

We offer flexible solutions built on each individual client’s needs. We are cloud agnostic, offer 24/7 worldwide support and are highly aware there is no one solution to fit everyone’s needs.

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Customer Solutions

We are committed to delivering the best results to our clients. We take the risk out of using our service.


We manage your data plumbing so your data team can focus on managing your business-specific data and processing.

Flexible Solution

We engineer our infrastructure to reliably leverage technical services like job scheduling, file storage and data management.

Your Data. You Own It!

You always own your data. We manage the service for you, on your behalf, in your very own private cloud space.

Stop fighting with your data. Start leveraging it!

We require no long term contracts, so we earn your business every month. Find out how easy it is to start using Code Willing by contacting us online or giving us a call today.

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MARCH 4, 2020

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Code Willing announced today that it has formed a partnership with Phitopolis to assist in the software development process and to extend the global reach of Code Willing’s data services.

FEBRUARY 14, 2020

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The 3 Most Common Data Management Challenges in the Financial Industry

If these problems are not overcome, they will become detrimental to your business by unnecessarily wasting time, man-power and money.

JANUARY 30, 2020

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