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Code Willing is a quantitative software development firm. We manage companies' information technology so that they can focus on trading.

Code Willing provides services (software, support, and IT infrastructure) for businesses in the financial industry for gathering, processing and storing details of financial activity in a stable and consistent manner.

We utilize industry leading technology to ensure that our clients’ data is captured and made available on demand. Whether you are a start-up hedge fund or a financial titan, Code Willing can get your company up and running quickly.

By providing these services, we allow our clients to concentrate on analyzing financial data to make informed investment decisions without worrying about the details of information technology.

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Empowering Hedge Funds and Quants

Our software is cloud-native and massively scalable with low latency, enabling hedge funds and traders to make real-time business decisions.


Here at Code Willing, we want clients to have the best experience possible. We work with our clients to make sure that our software is properly configured to their system.

Cost Saving Opportunities

Code Willing saves you time, money and effort that would go into researching, analyzing and building your own software. We provide the latest technology, high-quality and the best support for the lowest possible cost.

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