Harness your data’s potential with the Code Willing Platform. Make informed decisions with accurate, efficiently formatted data exposed to powerful analytical tools.

Data Challenges

Traders need historical market data from exchanges for quantitative analysis and, unfortunately, too much of it comes in an unsuitable raw format. Instead of trading or performing research, analysts have to spend more time and resources to clean the data and combine data sets just so that they can use it for research.

Let us handle your IT

No need to worry about wasting expensive resources preparing data. Focus on the core of your business. Let us handle your information technology so that you can get back to trading.

Data Ingestion

Aligning time series data from different sources is a challenge. Our cross referencing process assigns unique identifiers to individual assets across data sets through time.

Data Quality

Our data quality processes apply both a rules based and an algorithmic approach to spot abnormalities and outliers as part of our ingestion pipeline. We want you to focus on your research, not on cleaning data.

Data Storage

Our flexible platform for optimized content storage with customizable, role-based permissions.

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