Code Willing provides an Interactive Reasearch Environment for research and simulations.

Interactive Research Environment

The Analytics product is an exclusive extension of the Jupyter Notebook open source application. Built for interactive research, this tool gives users the ability to spin up high-performance computing clusters with cost control to run research or simulations utilizing multiple compute instances. This extension works directly with our cloud-based CAS storage system to warehouse your research data.


Load Balancing Instances

Gives users the capability to spin up high-performance computing clusters with cost control and load balancing.

The Code Willing platform does load balancing.

Integration with the CW Suite

Any data stored in Code Willing’s CAS storage system is directly available to the interactive Jupyter interface.

Code Willing is an all-in-one data solution for quants.

Cost Control + Security

Cost-controlled for each service used in AWS per user. Admin access gives an overview of cost-per-user for EC2 and S3, EC2 number of hours each user has used and S3 storage usage by each user. Authentication is based on LDAP.

Code WIlling provides EC2 and S3 instances.

Multiple Kernel Support

Interactively use one of several different languages as the environment can interface with any Jupyter supported Kernel. Our most popular kernels include Python, R and KDB/Q.

Code WIlling supports multiple languages.

Interactive Computing with Your Data in the Cloud

Execute code, render plots, explore datasets, all interactively through our Jupyter Notebook interface.

Code Willing allows users to perform interactive research.

Screenshot captured on the Code Willing Analytics Platform.

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