Code Willing provides access controlled cloud storage.


Optimized File Storage For Financial Data

The CAS system provides an HTTP REST API for storing files locally or in the cloud. With CAS, consumers of the various files do not need to know about where or how the file content is stored. With the CAS security model, managers can grant fine-grained permissions for reading, updating or deleting files which provides the flexibility necessary to comply with financial industry regulations and/or contractual obligations related to the files’ content.

The CAS system provides a centralized point of access for files and an administration tool for managing role-based permissions for accessing those files. It combines several different technical features (storage and bandwidth optimizations, local caching and role-based security) into one simple, performant system.


Optimized Storage

The CAS system combines several technical features to provide a single, consolidated interface to all of the files, regardless of their physical location.

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