Schedule financial time series data jobs.


Financial Time Series Data Service

Core Data Services give users the ability to schedule data processing in batch-mode. CDS can handle validation, normalization and quality checks of financial time series data. All of the processing is automated according to the parameters set by the user.

You can write your own algorithms to be used with CDS console without having to share it with us thanks to a provided Python library for interfacing with the rest of the CAS System. You can easily create new jobs and integrate them into the CDS pipeline using well understood Python and Docker paradigms.

CDS has built-in integration with the CAS System for retrieving inputs and storing outputs, CDS ensures that your analysis results are always available.

All data and results are stored with the CAS System and will be accessible in all of the Code Willing apps.


On-Demand and Triggered Execution

The Core Data Services console provides on-demand or triggered data processing of financial information, including validation, normalization and various data quality checks. Processes can be triggered by traditional timers or resource changes. Additionally, CDS has native support for global time zones and configurable calendars, so you can be sure that your global processing runs at the correct time and only on the days that you say.

Questions about CDS?

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