Schedule processes and automatically trigger processes with content awareness.

Robust Job Scheduling Software.

The HAL process scheduler is designed specifically for the needs of managing financial data workloads. Integrated closely with our CAS storage system, it has content awareness and can trigger processes on a variety of event types. Access to our load balancing software enables elastic scalability into cloud based computing environments.


Global Time Zone Awareness

Jobs processed by the HAL scheduler can be configured to run in specific timezones to align with time dependencies of different global markets.

Process Scheduling can be configured to timezones.

Configurable Calendars

Holiday calendar support ensures that jobs will only run on valid exchange business days.

Process Scheduling can be scheduled to run on exchanges days.

Adjustable Triggers

Triggers can be based upon timers, CAS resource changes, S3 resource changes and file system changes.

Process scheduleing can be adjusted to watch for changes.

Customizeable Notifications

HAL can be configured to alert operations staff about job processing status using a variety of different messaging infrastructures.

Process Scheduling gives the user the ability to customize notifications.


Jobs can be managed individually by users or system-wide by administrators.

Process Scheduling has permissions and security for users and admins.

Elastic Compute

HAL is integrated with a compute cluster manager that can dynamically scale out to meet processing demand.

Process Scheduling uses machine learning.

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