Powerful Solutions for Quants and Traders

Free up your IT resources.

The Code Willing Suite is our family of software and data analytics tools and services that allow users to easily extract value from large complex, real-time and historical data sets. Our suite is currently being used to manage billions of dollars of assets in the fiercely competitive world of quantitative trading. And now you can have that power at your fingertips.

Low Latency Market Data Feed Providers.

Market Data Feed Handlers

High performance and low latency market data feed handlers for a variety of global markets and data providers.

Financial Data on the Cloud.

Content Addressable Storage

Our access controlled storage platform for optimized file storage with customizable, role-based security.

On-Demand and Schedule financial data.

Core Data Services

Provides on-demand or triggered data processing of financial information, including various data quality checks.

Analyze data and research testing.


Spin up high-performance computing clusters with cost control to run research or simulation with multiple instances.

Perform simulations and backtesting.


Use recorded market data for a variety of global markets to research trade strategies and perform backtesting.

Manage your finanical trading.

Order Management System

Manage trades at designated markets with real-time equity and derivatives for a variety of global markets.

Move your financial data to the cloud.

Cloud Consulting

Let us do the hard work for you. We can analyze your company's needs and recommend the correct solutions.

Built by Quants, for Quants

We can get you up and running quickly with no risk. There is no up-front cost or long-term commitment. Try it for free. Contact us today to learn more!

Welcome to the Fintech Revolution.

With cutting-edge technology, we can provide you with powerful tools to improve your trade-game in the fintech world.

The ultimate quantitative analysis and risk management tools.

Thanks to our Content Addressable Storage, you can import and export financial data into each one of our applications and you can manage permissions with customizable role-based security. This allows you to do research, analysis and trade efficiently and swiftly.

Code WIlling has the best quantitative trading tools for quants and hedge funds.

Configured For Your Needs

The best way to utilize our software is together. It is designed to work seamlessly together to give you the best outcome. But if you only need one piece of our software, we will work with you to make sure that it properly configured to your system. Contact us today to see what we can do for you!

Cost Saving Opportunities

Let us handle your IT. Code Willing saves you time, money and effort that would go into researching, analyzing and building your own software. We provide the latest technology, high-quality and the best support for the lowest possible cost. Contact us so we can show you the power of our software and how it can help put you on top of the market.

Have you moved your financial data to the cloud yet?

With Cloud Consulting, Code Willing can help you determine a strategy to get you up and running quickly.