Solutions for Quants

The Code Willing Suite

Centered around our Core Data Services, the Code Willing product suite provides tools and functionality for an end-to-end quantitative research and trading solution.

Code Willing has a full solution for quants in finance. Code Willing Proactive Data Quality Analysis Code Willing Cloud Resource Management and Budgeting Code Willing Process Scheduler Code Willing Backtesting environment Code Willing Market Data Provider Managed Cloud Storage Perform interactive research.

Products Overview

Data Processing

We augment time-series data products to facilitate financial research and analysis.

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Combine Data Sets into new derived data sets.

Data Quality

We take a multi-stage approach towards data quality to detect anomalies in vendor and derived data sets.

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Clean vendor data for backtesting.

Interactive Research

Spin up high-performance computing clusters with cost controls to do research or run simulations.

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Perform interactive research in our analytics environment.

Simulation Environment

Replay recorded market data and exchange simulations with our order management system software.

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Backtest your algorithm for trading.

Content Addressable Storage

Our flexible platform for optimized content storage with customizable, role-based permissions.

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Managed Cloud Storage by Code Willing.

HAL Job Scheduler

Advanced and fully adjustable job scheduler for batch-mode data processing with time zone awareness.

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Schedule processes with time triggers and content changes.

Market Data Feed Handlers

High performance and low latency market data feed handlers for a variety of global markets and data providers.

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We provide real time market data providers.

Order Managment System

Generate live orders via FIX protocol in our interactive research environment. interactive research environment

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Buy, sell and trade stocks.

Cloud Consulting

Let us do the hard work for you. We can analyze your company's needs and recommend the correct solutions.

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Financial cloud consulting for data migration to the cloud.

Cloud Resource Budgeting

We provide management tools to control cloud-resource consumption.

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Control cloud resources with Code Willing's management tools

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